The national average for iron shred  has been on a slow but steady rise over the last two months. PGM’s have also seen an average of $60 increase across the spectrum over the last 30 days. Copper has also seen a $.50 rise over the last 3 months.

platinum prices 9-17
Platinum prices slowly rising.

What does this mean? Well not much for the average Mainer. I doubt we will see any difference in the reflected prices before the winter off season rolls in. Usually it takes a few weeks or months before local recyclers get their prices up to speed. With winter right around the corner its expected that they may be hesitant to raise prices weary this spike won’t hold through the winter months. This is also a good indicator competition is relaxed in the state at the moment, but if things continue on this upward trend we should be experiencing a strong industry next season.

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