“Scrapping” or Recycling Metals

Who knew recycling metals could make you money and be so fun? “Scrapping” metals can also be very dangerous – putting yourself in an environment with heavy machinery, large metal items, & sharp edges is just asking for trouble. For this reason we ask that all parties that plan on recycling metal be aware of their safety & surroundings. Its good practice to wear protective clothing such as: Kevlar gloves, eye protection, pants, and steel toe boots. It only takes a split second to change someones life forever. We want nothing more than for everyone to be safe and sound in their own home at the end of the day. Please be respectful and thoughtful of the people around you – never take anything from another person’s property without seeking written permission. Unlawful removal can easily result in a slew of charges including but not limited to: criminal trespass, criminal mischief, and theft. Court is no fun. Jail is even worse. Those few extra bucks you might receive will never be worth the risk of jail time, court fees, and potential compensation for damaged property. Even if you have good intentions – its always smart to get written permission first. So play it smart and as always keep safety in mind.

What are the different kinds of metals and how much are they worth?

There are all sorts of different kinds of metals and they all fetch different prices depending on how they are prepared, their geographic location, and the global market. To get a better understanding of what the different types of metals are that scrap yards will take and their values visit the Types of Metals page. 

Where do I go to recycle metals in Maine?

We have spent days drumming up a comprehensive directory of all the active scrap yard and metal recycling facilities in the state. Please visit our Metal Recycling Facilities Page to find a local business near you!