Don’t get exhausted over a rusted/broken exhaust. Let the pros at Lou’s Custom Exhaust fix it for you!


Vehicle Exhaust Systems are designed to help a vehicle run efficiently and safely. A malfunctioning or leaky exhaust will cause your vehicle to run poorly and worse potentially expose you and your family to dangerous noxious gases.  Exhaust gases are extremely poisonous if inhaled and can lead to suffocation and death. Don’t over look a broken exhaust system especially during the cold winter months when vehicle idling is important for warmth. No one enjoys spending their hard earned money on vehicle repairs, but don’t skimp on repairs when it comes to your safety.

welding on car lous custom exhaust
Chris of Lou’s Custom Exhaust in Portland, ME welding up a custom exhaust for a client.

Today most garages try and will do a little bit of everything to survive, but you still see specialty shops like “Portland Radiator” or “Lou’s Custom Exhaust” thrive. You gotta love a business that has its expertise conveniently expressed in their business name. Your regular mechanic might be able to get the job done too, but they usually don’t have the ability to fabricate a custom replacement and will just throw an entirely new pre-made system on. This costs big $$ bucks $$. Lou’s has the ability to save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding unnecessary repairs.

The goal of any repair shop is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Specialized repair shops can be quicker in most cases as they have the tools and inventory on site to get the job done. You can save hundreds of dollars and days on turn around when choosing the right place for your repairs. Lou’s exhaust shop will have the tools, machinery, and abilities to completely re-fabricate your damaged pipes. They will then weld them into the rest of your undamaged exhaust system saving you the expense of an entirely new per-fabricated system.

welded in flex pipe exhaust repairsRusted flex pipes are a common issue with cars in Maine. When flex pipes go bad you can usually tell by looking at the volume button. If the volume has to be at Max in order for you to hear that new Taylor Swift single, its fixing time. When an old pipe is too rusted to be unbolted from the flanges on connecting pipes, you gotta either replace all the pipes, or you fabricate and weld in a new section. A custom flex pipe replacement usually runs well under the cost of all new pipes. Its a piece of cake for lou’s, and saves you the trouble of replacing the whole cake.

Lou’s Custom Exhaust, Portland ME for your exhaust repairs. #LousCustomExhaust

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Lou’s can tackle any of your exhaust leaks and get them fixed along with the following repairs:

  • Manifold Replacements for Broken & Cracked Manifolds
  • Muffler Replacements with a great selection of in-house brand options
  • Flex Pipe Replacments
  • Clogged & Broken Catalytic Converter Replacements
  • Exhaust Flange Replacments
  • Complete Exhausts & Custom Builds
  • Exhaust Tips & More!

If you need exhaust repairs and you don’t plan on doing the work yourself try Lou’s Custom Exhaust. They may save you hundreds of dollars. Be resourceful and savvy when it comes to keeping your daily away from the crusher. Its all about MPD’s, think Miles Per Dollar.
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