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MaineJunkyards – Crime Watch

A fair warning to those intending to steal or damage property for scrap metal, what might pay you a fifty or a hundred dollars in scrap today, could equate to tens of thousands of dollars worth of restitution for damages and a criminal record with jail time tomorrow. I know people who commit crimes often act impulsively and don’t think it through, or just don’t care. But I’m telling you, where you are today, doesn’t mean you won’t look back on it and regret it tomorrow – even if you get away with it. Some people are just scummers, and there’s no changing them, which is why we have this page to help find and stop them. If you have half a brain, even though it might not seem like you have much of a future today, find something else to do and thank me later. does not condone or tolerate any theft or criminal behavior. Thieves don’t realize or appreciate time is money, the gains they may have just made, is a direct loss of someone elses time. When you put a dollar sign on something, that dollar represents time spent. Time is money, someone sacrificed part of their time here on earth to create or acquire whatever those now stolen tangibles might be. Sure, sometimes people make honest mistakes, and believe they are scrapping abandon trash, but if it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to someone. Cover your own ass and get something in writing from whom ever does own it. If you’re not sure who the old dryer in that field belongs to, a good place to start is to go to the town to figure out who owns the property and go from there. When people steal it gives the rest of us a bad name and affects the industry as a whole. Criminal activity causes more restrictions on our freedoms. Thinking back to when you used to get weighed out and get paid in cash! Oh boy those were the days! Clean up the yard and haul it down to the scrap yard to walk off with beer money in hand. When people started stealing converters from peoples vehicles, it caused law makers to implement a law restricting payment by check only, so they could better track criminal activity. From then on out I didn’t enjoy having to go to the shady check cashing place and pay their ridiculous fees because my bank was closed on the weekends and I needed the beer money for the big game.

To help deter and catch criminals who want to steal and dispose of other peoples property for some scrap cash, below is a list of information pertaining to incidents of stolen or missing property provided by individuals, businesses, news agencies, and police departments. As soon as we receive a new report, we e-mail it out to local participating yards to keep them on the lookout. If you know of any information about any of the following items or incidents please contact your local police department or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to pass the information on for you. If you were the recent victim of a crime and would like to post information about your incident here, please contact your local PD and have them e-mail us a copy of the police report. Please understand that the police have to work through a lot of red tape in the line of duty, and that its not as simple as ‘so and so has it go get it’.  But Every bit of detail helps to solve crimes. Let us know if you know of anything, or if there is anything we may to do help assist you.