Do you want that vehicle out of your yard, preferably yesterday? Don’t expect anything for it? Great! We’re here to help with our Fast and Free Junk Vehicle Removal.

The Fast & Free Junk Vehicle Removal Program is aimed at servicing those who just need their unwanted vehicle disposed of in a quick manner. We guarantee** a person on the way within 12 to 48 hours to remove said vehicle. Often times people need a vehicle gone to avoid a parking ticket or ban. Sometimes they just need the space and don’t have time to wait for a Salvage yard to get to them. By networking with local tow companies we are able to provide you with a prompt fast service to get that vehicle gone ASAP at no cost to you.

If you are looking to be compensated for your junk vehicle please go here otherwise please continue reading below!

  • Vehicles are required to be easily accessible for a tow truck. Please have it in the driveway or on the side of the road no father than 10′ from pavement ready to go, for it to be eligible for fast and free recovery.
  • Vehicles 2000 and newer require a title signed over by the owner accompanied by a bill of sale to be disposed of. There are no exceptions to this rule, as it is state law.
  • Vehicles 1999 and older require proof of ownership (Latest Registration) and a bill of sale.
  • You must be committed to a Fast and Free Recovery %100 before you decide to request this service. We are sending people out on their company dollar to remove your vehicle for you. The trade off of no compensation for your vehicle is a priority tow. IF something comes up after you contacted us  you need to call us immediately to let us know so that we do not send a tow truck for a car that is no longer available. Its common courtesy and responsible to keep us informed and not waste our time as we value it just as much as you value yours. Stuff happens and things change. We expect that you have exhausted other options before you request this service and are committed to having your vehicle removed at no charge to you.  Lets not waste the time and money of our affiliates. If you are being negligent and irresponsible when requesting this service you might end up on the hook for the service charge if its obvious you are requesting services with no intention of using them. We do not want this to happen. We do not want to upset either party when making these arrangements so communication is essential. When everyone is on-board these arrangements are hassle free and invaluable when time is of the essence. If you are looking to be compensated for your vehicle please explore other options listed here

    To arrange for a no compensation Free Pickup Today Fill out the following form. One of our associates will call you to get the wheels moving.


**12-48 hours is based on the vehicles location and proximity to local participating businesses. Maine is a rather large state. We can only guarantee this time frame if you are located in the Greater Portland, and Lewiston-Auburn areas.