Important before you begin.

  • All vehicles 1995 & newer require a title to be sold and re-registered for the road. If your vehicle is older than 1995 the no title is required to sell or transfer the vehicle.
  • Vehicles that are going to be scrapped only require a title if they are year 2000 and newer. 1999 and older no longer require a title to be scrapped.
  • If you need help replacing your lost title you can visit the Maine BMV website for instructions on how to get a replacement.
  • Complete vehicles must have all the wheels, the engine, the transmission, the battery, and the catalytic converter to be considered a complete vehicle.
  • Please be accurate on if your vehicle can be dropped off or if it will need to be recovered.

Vehicle Submission Form

You may enter your vehicle and contact information below so that we can assist you. We will not sell your information to third party marketers or disturbers. Please take your time and be as accurate as possible. If you haven’t read the sell junk cars page please do so before filling out the form below.

Included Town & Zip Code Where Vehicle is Located